Use these Tips to Connect with your Virtual Audience

Use these Tips to Connect with your Virtual Audience - Janice HayWood

Use these Tips to Connect with your Virtual Audience

Whether we like it or not, virtual presentations are part of our professional lives nowadays and making the most out of them can help us build better relationships and boost our careers.

In fact, according to a survey at, 95% of professionals communicate online daily, with nearly half of respondents giving and attending virtual presentations in any given week.

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But what do you see people doing when communicating by Zoom or Teams that you don’t like?

By far, the worst thing for me is when I can’t see people’s faces properly. It’s so uncomfortable speaking to a face that is in a dark shadow, or that is half cut off or speaking to no face at all because the video camera is switched off.

Here are a few tips to make sure you avoid the ‘sin’ described above and really deliver a professional presentation.

Position your desk and screen to face the light

If you can, position your desk and screen so you are facing light. If that’s not possible, invest in a ring light like all good influencers do! You can get a decent one from Amazon for around 12 euros.

Be seen

Showing your face and your expressions are part of your message and to build audience rapport.

So please next time you are in a virtual meeting or have to present virtually, switch on your camera. Your audience will be grateful.

Look into the camera

You can make a huge difference to how people at the other end receive your communication by looking into the camera!

Try it!

And get someone to look into THEIR camera so you can experience how good it feels when there is eye contact. I always say, without eye contact, there’s no connection and without connection, there is no effective communication.

The great advantage of virtual communication is that we can make eye contact with everyone at once, something that’s impossible in an in-person meeting/presentation. So do it, at least 50% of the time – train yourself to acquire this new habit.

And whatever you do, fight the tendency to be ‘stiff and robotic’ (I have to say, this takes practice).

Make sure you smile

‘Embrace’ the camera, there’s no other way around it. Look as though you’re happy to be there and smile. Generally, what we project out, is what we get back.

Imagine there’s no screen and distance between you and the people you’re interacting with. Our mindset goes a long way to how we come across –THINK you’re comfortable and relaxed and you are more likely to be so. 

Always be you

As in all types of presenting, you need to find your own style. If you gesture a lot normally, gesture a lot in your virtual presentations. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not.Authenticity wins hands down, every time.

So, don’t be the virtual presenter that nobody can see well, that never makes eye contact, that never smiles and comes across as a robot.

I trust, in fact I know you can do better than that!

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And if virtual presentations are part of your day and you want to improve the way you deliver them, send me a message at info@janicehaywood, I would love to hear from you.


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