Presentation Skills

Presentations Skills Training Courses & Workshops

Make presenting in English simpler, smoother and altogether less stressful.

Much can be lost in companies because of employees’ poor presentation skills – money, time and what may be worse, both the individual and organization’s reputation. Our training courses and workshops are designed to make presenting in English simpler, smoother and altogether less stressful. Aimed at groups of people with an upper intermediate and advanced level of English.

Training Workshops >

2 or 3 Hours Duration

Presenting with Impact Course >

10-12 Hours Duration
Presentation Skills

Training Workshops

(3 or 4 Hours Duration)
Is there a specific area of presenting where you need to improve? A combination of skills and language focus, our workshops have been designed to help you excel in the most important areas of public speaking.


Workshops Available

  • How to overcome your fear of presenting in English
  • “Once upon a time…”, Don’t present, tell a story instead
  • How to present concisely to senior executives
  • Handling the question and answer session with confidence
  • Body language, gestures and voice – Take control!
  • The language you need to talk about facts and figures
  • Create an audience focused presentation for maximum impact
  • Learn the best ways to open and close your presentation
Presentation Skills

Training course: Presenting with Impact

(10-12 Hours Duration)
This course is aimed at people who have had a limited experience of presenting in English and wish to learn solid techniques to present more professionally and with more self-confidence.


Course Content

  • Problems and Fears with Presentations
  • Qualities of an Effective Presenter
  • Planning a Presentation
  • Structuring Your Presentation
  • Opening Attention Grabbers
  • Linking Phrases in English
  • Presenting to Senior Executives
  • Using Visual Aids
  • Your presentation style & delivery
  • The Question & Answer Session
  • Presentation Practice
Presentation Skills

Training course: Advanced Presentation Techniques

(16 Hours Duration)
In this course it is assumed that participants already know the basics of good presenting and are looking to take their presention skills to the next level.


Course Content

  • The presentation that tried to save lives
  • Audience focused presenting versus slide focused presenting
  • Profiling the audience
  • Defining your big idea – a clear, concise message
  • How to apply story telling principles
  • How to balance analytical and emotional appeal
  • Impact techniques – contrasting, metphors, repetition
  • Slides – think like a designer
  • It’s a performance  – essential delivery guidelines
  • How to end on a high
  • Techniques to deal with difficult questions
  • Your mindset and how it affects performance
  • Presentation delivery by participants, video recorded and critiqued.
“The presentation skills course I attended with Janice has been fantastic. With innovative theoretical content and many of practical examples. It has made me improve my way of presenting significantly. I have been able to recognize and improve my weak areas and also strengthen my natural abilties. The only disadvantage of this course is not to have done it before!”


Mariano de Abajo Bedmar, IT Unit Manager for Investments, AXA

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