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Learn how to present in English with impact, conciseness and clarity

Money, time and reputations can be lost because of poor presentation skills. Too much information, incoherent presentation structure. no clear key message and low self-confidence in the presenter – these are some of the issues that I can help your employees eliminate via my training courses and workshops. Aimed at groups of people with an upper intermediate and advanced level of English.


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Training Workshops

(2 or 3 Hours Duration)

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Are you looking to improve in a specific area of presenting? A combination of skills and language focus, these workshops have been designed to help you excel in the most important areas of public speaking.

  • How to create and structure a presentation for maximum impact
  • Presenting with persuasion and influence
  • Adapting your presentation to the virtual scenario
  • How to present confidently in English
  • How to turn a technical presentation into an engaging talk
  • Incorporating storytelling techniques into your presentation
  • How to present concisely to senior executives
  • Handling the question and answer session with confidence
  • Body language, gestures and voice – Take control!
  • Learn the best ways to open and close your presentation
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Fundamental Presentation Skills

10-12 Hours Duration

This course is aimed at people who have very little experience of presenting. It will provide participants with the basic techniques to help them feel more confident about presenting in English. Participants need a B2 level of English to take part.

  • What makes an effective presentation?
  • Planning a Presentation – Key considerations when planning a presentation such as the audience, objective and key message
  • Structuring a Presentation-. Using the “Introduction/Opening/Main
  • Body/Summary/Conclusion” model to structure the presentation.
  • How to begin a presentation with impact
  • Phrases in English – The most important phrases to introduce and link each part of the presentation and to open and close.
  • Finishing with a clear summary and strong, inspiring conclusion
  • Using visual aids – The do’s and don’ts regarding visual aids and how to make them effective.
  • Presentation style – Considering the impact of presentation delivery, including; mannerisms, gestures, eye contact, voice and managing nerves.
  • The Question & Answer Session – How to respond to any question with calmness and confidence
  • Tips for effective virtual presenting
  • Presentation Practice – Participants practice their presenting skills and provide and receive feedback in a safe environment.
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Presenting & speaking with Impact

15 Hours Duration

This course is aimed at people who have had experience of presenting in English. It is assumed that participants already know the basics of good presenting and are looking to take their  skills to the next level.

  • The presentation that tried to save lives
  • Profiling the audience to ensure targeted content
  • Defining your ‘Big Idea’ –  a clear, concise message linked to a clear objective
  • How to brainstorm then structure content using the ‘rule of 3’
  • Structuring your presentation with the ‘pyramid principle’
  • Increasing impact via the balance of analytical & emotional components, storytelling principles & powerful language techniques
  • Slides – think like a designer
  • It’s a performance –  essential delivery guidelines around gestures, voice & use of space
  • How to end on a high – conclusions with impact
  • Presenting to senior executives – how to get to the point quickly & effectively
  • Tips for effective virtual presenting
  • Techniques to deal with difficult questions
  • Your mindset and how it affects your performance
  • Presentation practice
The 9 Public Speaking Secrets from ‘Talk like TED’ Janice Haywood Coaching

Advanced Presentation Skills

16 Hours Duration

This course is aimed at those who have an Advanced level of English (C2) and with considerable experience in public speaking.  Participants will perfect their skills enabling them to deliver an influential and high impact presentation.

  • Who you are as a speaker and how to manage the audience’s perception of you
  • A preparation checklist – profiling the audience, creating a clear objective and key message and developing a coherent structure for your presentation
  • Fine tuning your ‘big idea’ – a laser focused key message
  • How to create a powerful opening and ending
  • The concept of ‘pacing’ the audience as tool to demonstrate empathy
  • Influence the audience via rapport building, narration and embedded commands
  • Language impact techniques – contrasting, metphors, repetition
  • Impactful visual aids  – creating ‘designer’ slides
  • Discovering your authentic public speaking self
  • How to develop ‘leadership presence’ when communicating
  • The C3 model of influence in public speaking
  • Fielding aggressive questions and dealing with hecklers
  • Presentation delivery by participants, video recorded and critiqued.

Learn tried and tested techniques that allow you to communicate at your best in English and get you and your ideas noticed.

Fundamental Presentation Skills

Presenting & speaking with Impact

Advanced Presentation Skills