A Fact That Will Change Your View About Presenting Forever

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A Fact That Will Change Your View About Presenting Forever

In this post, I want to reveal a fact that’s going to make a huge difference to your self-confidence when you present.  And it is…

The audience is on your side and wants you to do well in your presentation

I hope that makes you feel better. It should, because it’s true.

One of the reasons we get nervous when speaking in front of a group of people is because we fear their negative judgment of us. But actually, the audience is more concerned about understanding your message and how it applies to them (after all, that’s why they’re here) than looking to judge or criticize you. 

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An audience only really cares about themselves and what they want to take from your presentation. This sounds cruel but they don’t care that much about you at all.

And the reason they want you to do well is because if you DON’T do well, if you get blocked, for example, they won’t be able to hear the message that they came to hear. They won’t get any benefit from attending your presentation.

Does that make you feel better? At least a little bit?

Now you might be wondering, how do I know this is true?

Because I’ve been in an audience many times and I’m sure you have too. I don’t want the speaker to waste my time. I want them to communicate clearly so I can understand their perspective. 

Sometimes, in fact, if I see the speaker is nervous, I  try to send out looks of encouragement to give them confidence because I WANT them to do well. I want to know how their knowledge and experience can benefit ME.

Two Simple Truths to Remember

These two claims of mine the audience is on your side and the audience wants you to do well go a long way to helping you control your anxiety around public speaking.

They also help you to put the whole thing into a more realistic perspective. Even if you do make some mistakes in your presentation, the audience probably doesn’t notice as much as you do. And even if they do, it’s really not such a big deal for them. Honestly.

So, next time you have to give a presentation, remember – the audience is on your side and they want you to do well.

A Gift For You

If you know this but feel that you still need help becoming more confident about presenting in public, I have a gift for you –  a presentation toolbox full of resources you can download for free here.

I’d love to read your comments and understand some of your fears around speaking in public. I’m sure I can help you. Please feel free to send me a message at   info@janicehaywood.eu 

Happy (and calm) presenting!


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