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When to pause in presentations Janice Haywood

Video: When to pause in presentations

In general, inexperienced presenters tend to speak too fast. Pausing is a powerful tool that used in the right places will make look totally confident and in control. Here are three places where you should pause when you present…

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Rehearsing your presentation Janice Haywood

Video: Presentation Truth #8

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they forget about rehearsing their presentation. Rehearsing your presentation out loud a minimum of 3 times will give you confidence and ensure you achieve a logical flow between your points.

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Presenting as a Leader Janice Haywood Free Resources

How to achieve great presence when presenting

In the presentation and public speaking world, we talk about having ‘presence’. But what exactly does ‘presence’ mean in this context and how do you achieve it?
When you’re speaking in public with presence and gravitas, your audience are engaged with you and your words; you exude calmness, confidence and credibility.

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Presentation speaking skills Janice Haywood coach

Video: Presentation Truth #2

When presenting, we’re often very nervous seeing the audience in front of us, thinking they’re judging us negatively. But the fact is, the audience are really on your side, they want you to do well.

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Presenting in English: how to handle questions Janice- Haywood

Presenting in English: how to handle questions

For many people who give presentations in English, the most nerve-wracking part is when they have to answer questions. The nervousness doesn’t come from the fear they won’t  know the answer, it comes from thinking they won’t understand the question in English and will also have problems answering it in a grammatically correct way.

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