Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training Resources

Useful tips and tools to help you present more confidently in English.

Speak Inspire Empower by Mark Robinson

Speak, Inspire, Empower by Mark Robinson

A very practical hands-on book about how to present clearly and with impact from Mark Robinson, a software engineer turned TED speaker. Easy to read with lots of exercises so you can apply the learning to your own presentation scenario.

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds - Janice Haywood

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

Presentation Zen has become a classic in presentation and public speaking material. It is well known that to be successful business presenter you need to be concise, impactful and get to the point quickly. Garr Reynolds embraces this concept in an original way by linking buddist concepts to slide design, presentation preparation and how you deliver your talk.

Presentation Skills

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