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Useful tips and tools to help you present more confidently in English.

Presenting as a Leader

A leader who presents well knows how important it is to be audience centric, to use storytelling techniques, to make numbers mean something and to use powerful language in their communication.

Janice Haywood Presentation Skils

How To Give a Persuasive Presentation

As far back as 2000 years ago, Aristotle advocated incorporating certain elements into a talk to make it as persuasive as possible and we see these elements all the time in today’s famous TED talks. This infographic summarises the five things you should include in your presentation if you are aiming at persuasion.

Presentation Planner Checklist

Creating and designing a presentation can be quite a complex process and involves many stages. Make sure you have completed the following actions at the content preparation stage, when speaking and when you finally arrive at the venue.

Presentation Mindset

In this infographic we highlight the four main areas that influence your presentation performance mindset; fear, beliefs, self-worth and nerves. Make sure you pay attention to this very important part of your preparation for when you speak in public.

Signposting Phrases and Linking Language

In your presentation it is good to use phrases that act as signposts to indicate to your audience where you are going. Saying what you are going to do before you do it creates space for the audience to assimilate your previous message. Signposting phrases act as ‘verbal paragraphs’ in your speaking.

Presentation Skills

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The Presentation Tool Box – Free!

Do you have to give presentations but feel anxious and overwhelmed because you’re not sure you’re doing it ‘right’?

My Presentation Tool Box, kicking off with 10 Steps to a Perfect Presentation will give you the self-confidence you’re looking for, the clarity you need to ensure your presentations engage your audience and get you the visibility you deserve.