Presentation Feedback

receive feedback on that important presentation

Do you have an important presentation coming up and you would like professional feedback on how it can be improved?
I can help you in several ways.

Option 1

Premium resources Janice Haywood

Analysis of Presentation Content & Structure

To help you create a powerful story that convinces your audience to adopt your ideas.

How it works

Option 2

Feedback of Presentation Delivery Janice Haywood English coach online

Feedback of Presentation Delivery

To help you develop an authentic and confident communication style.

How it works

Option 3

Discover Your Authentic Presentation Style Janice Haywood

Analysis of Content & Feedback on Delivery

To ensure both your presentation content and delivery are aligned for maximum impact.

How it works

Option 2 Plus

Includes a second feedback session to follow up on action points and to assess progress.

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I can help you to improve your presentation and communication skills to speak English in public with confidence, clarity, and impact.

Presentation Feedback