Overcoming the Limitations of a Corporate PowerPoint Template

Overcoming the Limitations of a Corporate PowerPoint Template

Overcoming the Limitations of a Corporate PowerPoint Template

Part of the fun of preparing a presentation is that we can give reign to our creativity when it comes to building the slide deck that will support our message. But what if the standard corporate slide deck that you have to use is boring and simply unexciting?

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Don’t despair! Here are some tips and tricks you can try to ensure your personal creativity shines through when you deliver your presentation.

Open with an impactful slide.

Start with an attention-grabbing opening slide. Use a captivating image, quote, or intriguing question related to your topic. This sets the tone for your presentation and immediately piques the audience’s interest.

Use full-bleed images.

These are images that fill the whole side. Look for images that have what designers call ‘quiet space’ so you can place a text box there if necessary.

Create custom icons and symbols.

Replace standard bullet points with custom icons and symbols. Icons make information more digestible and visually appealing. Many websites offer free icon packs that you can use.

Split bullets into individual slides.

If you’re going to speak at length about a bullet point, think about placing that bullet point on its own slide, enlarge the text and add an image to the slide.

Use video and multimedia.

Incorporate relevant videos or audio clips into your presentation. A well-placed video clip spices up your delivery and makes your points more memorable.

Tell stories.

Tell a compelling story throughout your presentation. Structure your content like a narrative, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Alternatively, tell some personal anecdotes. Think about the PEOPLE behind the facts and figures you’re presenting. What have been their struggles and their triumphs? You can often find your story there.

Show dynamic quotes.

Using an insightful quotation adds variety to your speaking, so it’s always a good idea. However, instead of presenting quotes in plain text, turn them into dynamic elements. Animate quotes to appear one word at a time, or use a typewriter effect to create anticipation.

Finish with a strong closing slide.

End with a memorable closing slide. Summarize your key points with keywords and make your conclusion visual and memorable with a strong call to action if appropriate.

Just because everyone is sticking rigidly to the corporate template doesn’t mean that the ‘rules’ can’t be bent on some less ‘official’ occasions. Use your common sense here to think where you can push boundaries to brighten up your slides.

If a ‘brightened up’ slide deck that includes some dynamic elements of delivery mentioned above mean that your messages are better heard and understood, it’s unlikely you’ll get any complaints. Because isn’t the point of using visual aids (which of course includes slides) to make your presentation more understandable and memorable anyway?


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