How to motivate your employees to speak good English

How to motivate your employees to speak good English

How to motivate your employees to speak good English

So this is what happens – people at work learn English, moving up the levels, feeling the satisfaction of being able to participate in meetings in English and writing pretty good emails now. They get to a B2 or C1 level (eventually and with a lot of hard work) and all of a sudden their classes become boring and irrelevant.  


Well, I always say that we need a reason to speak, even in our own language. Or should I say, we need to be MOTIVATED to speak, and quite frankly, speaking about what you did at the weekend, just to practice using past tenses in English is not very motivating! 

If you’re reading this post as an HR leader, now’s the time to take note!

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What about replacing those boring English classes with TRAINING AND COACHING in soft skills in English to give your employees confidence in their communication?

Because, the thing is, your employees now have the English level they need to perform, they have the grammar, a wide range of vocabulary and good pronunciation, but what are they DOING with it?

There’s so much that can be done when we add soft skills to the mix instead of focusing purely on the English language. Kicking off with communication skills for a start, wow, that IS a big subject – for example listening skills,  how to ask better questions, how to be more assertive, speaking clearly and concisely and of course, my very, very favourite- presentation skills.

One client I work with ties their feedback system into our coaching sessions and the employees are delighted. They not only get to implement the feedback they receive from their colleagues and managers but get insights into WHY their behaviours are causing a problem. And all in English!

So as I was saying, adding soft skills to the mix can only help your team be inspired to try their best when learning to communicate effectively in English, as one of my clients said: 

If introducing soft skills coaching in English is something you want to explore, just drop me a line at I’d be very happy to explain more.


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