Virtual Presentation Skills Training in English

Excel at Presenting Continuity Programme

Presentation Skills

Virtual Presentation Skills Training in English

A novel and economical way to develop presentation skills in English.

The COVID-19 crisis has called for new solutions in training and coaching. The Excel at Presenting Continuity Programme will allow you or members of your team to receive or continue learning the skills needed to present in English effectively but in a safe environment and at a fraction of the cost of face to face training.

What is the Excel at Presenting Continuity Programme?

It is a flexible subscription programme that provides ongoing live-virtual training in presentation skills in English. Sessions are of 1 hour duration and take place twice per month. It is the equivalent of an open course but in online format which allows it to be priced very competitively.

Who is the programme aimed at?

This programme is aimed at people with a B2 level of English or higher and who wish to improve and practice their presentation skills in English on an on-going basis. It is also intended for people who wish to refresh skills learned on previous presentation skills training courses.


What does the programme consist of?

  • Bi-monthly live training sessions of 1 hour via Zoom with 15 minutes Q&A session
  • Regular timetable for sessions – Tuesdays from 18.00 – 19.00 CET
  • Video recording of sessions available to consolidate learning and to recuperate missed live sessions.
  • Calendar of dates and topics published 3-6 months in advance.
  • Worksheets available for participants to complete during sessions.
  • Sessions complemented by downloadable pdfs summarising main teaching points.
Presentation Skills

Programme Content – 6 months

There are five themes to the programme:


Mindset & Confidence


Preparation & Structure


Using Visual Aids


Delivering The Presentation


English for Presentations

1. Mindset & Confidence

2. Preparation & Structure

3. Using Visual Aids

4. Delivering The Presentation

5. English for Presentations

Below you can see the topics that will be taught in the first 6 months from the launch of the programme on 15th September 2020. An exact calendar of topics and dates will be available for members in the Member’s Area.

Month 1

Session 1
The 5 Presentation Truths:
The things you MUST know & that will change your perspective around presenting in English.

Session 2
The Right Mind-Set For Presenting:
A constructive mind-set is the basis for effective public speaking, Learn a process to reduce your anxieties and fears

Month 2

Session 1
Preparation Planning Essentials:
How to profile your audience, get clear on your objective and create your key message.

Session 2
A 5 Part Structure For Your Presentations:
This structure will save you time when preparing and help you deliver your presentation with logic and coherency.

Month 3

Session 1
How To Open a Presentation With Impact:
Learn & practice the most popular ‘hooks’ to convince your audience you’re worth listening to & to keep them engaged.

Session 2
Body Language Essentials:
Best practices for gestures, voice, eye contact and connecting with your audience.

Month 4

Session 1
How to Create Brilliant Slides:
Tips to ensure your slides SUPPORT your verbal message instead of detracting from it.

Session 2
Tips for Presenting in English:
What you need to consider to feel ready and comfortable to present in English.

Month 5

Session 1
How to Present to Senior Executives:
Learn how to present to this special audience to immediately gain their attention & to prevent them interrupting you.

Session 2
How to Answer Questions Confidently:
Learn techniques to answer fully but concisely and to deflect questions you can’t answer whilst still maintaining your gravitas.

Month 6

Session 1
Language to Link the Points of Your Presentation:
Why you need to use ‘signposting’ phrases & which ones to use to give your presentation a natural flow.

Session 2
Storytelling in Presentations:
Why stories are important and how to incorporate them into your presentations.

What are the advantages of this programme?

  • You can try your first session for free!
  • Participants can suggest topics for future sessions
  • Each session topic is independent of the other
  • Content calendar available 3-6 months in advance
  • Sessions are recorded to allow for more intensive study
    Participants belong to a community where they can learn from each other
  • You choose how long you stay in the programme – no contractual commitments
  • Excel at Presenting is an economical alternative to face to face training
  • Bonus material available throughout the programme
  • Discounts available for corporate clients who enroll 5 or more employees
  • Option of individual feedback on presentations once per month. (‘Plus’ clients)
Presentation Skills

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