Presentation Skills

Would you like to improve your presentation skills but with a completely ‘hands on’ approach?

Let me coach you on the techniques you need to implement to become a great presenter by reworking one of your existing presentations. This programme consists of seven sessions and can be delivered face to face at the client’s offices, online or in blended format (a combination of face to face and online).

Overview of programme

  • Session 1: Intake session – delivery of an existing presentation
  • Session 2: Perfecting the opening & ending to achieve engagement & memorability
  • Session 3: Perfecting the main body to achieve flow and coherency
  • Session 4: Perfecting the visual aids to achieve impact & simplicity
  • Session 5: Presentation practice to incorporate all new techniques learned in sessions 2-4
  • Session 6: Perfecting the presentation delivery to achieve confident body language
  • Session 7: Final presentation practice

Programme Details

Total programme hours: 10

Session 1

Intake session:
Orientation & context


  • To ensure that key presentation skills are in place
  • To assess client’s existing knowledge of best practice techiques



Client Actions

  • Delivery of presentation
  • Completion of checklists for presentations fundamentals

Session 2

Perfecting the presentation opening & ending


  • To ensure an impactful opening and ending
  • To check relevance to audience’s needs
  • To link presentation hook to key message & objective 


Client Actions

  • Rework beginning & ending of presentation as necessary
  • Creation of key sentence to link hook to key message

Session 3

Perfecting the main body of the presentation


  • To ensure the middle of the presentation is easy to follow and flows logically from point to point
  • To check coherency and that information supports the presentation’s main message


Client Actions

  • Finish reworking the body of the presentation
  • Decide signposting phrase to be used

Session 4

Perfecting the visual aids for clarity & simplicity


  • To eliminate unnecessary text and replace with key points & visuals
  • To improve design of slides
  • To ensure slides support key messages


Client Actions

  • Simplify slides by:
    – Reducing amount of text
    – Eliminating sentences
    – Inserting more images

Session 5

Practice of reworked presentation content


  • To observe how the client incorporates the technqiues learned so far as applied to
    structure, s
    tory, key messages and visual impact


Client Actions

  • Adjust presentation structure and content after receving feedback from Janice

Session 6

Perfecting the presentation delivery


  • To give feedback on presentation delivery related to body language, use of voice, eye contact and controlling nervousness


Client Actions

  • To complete any complementary reading  or study around areas of non-verbal communication that need improving.

Session 7

Final presentation practice and recording


  • To bring all the learning points together to produce an effective presentation
  • To record the presentation for future reference for the client.


Client Actions

  • List of action points to consolidate learnings from the coaching programme

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