Presentation Skills

Are you an experienced speaker and looking for new ideas and techniques to take your skills to the next level?

The High Impact Speaking Coaching Programme will allow you to practice the more subtle skills that make you stand out as an influential, charismatic and confident speaker. This programme consists of eight highly focused sessions of 1.5 hours duration each. Available in face to face, blended or 100% virtual format.

Overview of programme

  • Session 1: Intake session: Needs analysis plus presentation delivery
  • Session 2: Who are you as a presenter?
  • Session 3: Dealing with large audiences
  • Session 4: Crafting your story and messages
  • Session 5: Using powerful language
  • Session 6: Speaking with impact, influence and charisma
  • Session 7: Preparing for high stake scenarios
  • Session 8: Handling tough questions

Programme Details

Total programme hours: 12

Session 1

Intake session: Needs analysis and presentation delivery

  • To ensure that key presentation skills are in place
  • To assess the extent to which the client is already demonstrating the techniques to be taught in the programme

Session 2

Who are you as a presenter and how are you perceived?

  • To explore how you wish to be perceived when presenting
  • To explore the concepts of self-awareness and behavioural flexibility
  • To solicit and manage feedback effectively

Session 3

Dealing with large and resistant audiences

  • To learn how to manage the sense of anonymity of large audiences
  • To learn how to work a stage effectively
  • To be able to ‘pace’ a resistant audience

Session 4

Crafting your story and messages

  • To ensure the main messages are clear, concise and relevant.
  • To learn how to incorporate relevant stories into your presentations

Session 5

Using powerful language for maximum impact

  • To practice language techniques such as:
    – Advanced rhetorical questions
    – Tripling
    – Contrasting

Session 6

Speaking with impact, influence and charisma

  • To explore how to speak with presence, emotion, logic and vulnerability whilst maintaining gravitas.

Session 7

Preparing for high stake scenarios

  • To become confident delivering:
    – Difficult messages
    – Presentations to set a vision
    – Boardroom presentations

Session 8

Handling tough questions with poise and confidence

  • To become confident with responses that don’t answer a question
  • To learn a three-part technique for dealing with questions you don’t know the answer to

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