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In these times of short attention spans, being able to present clearly, concisely and with impact to different stakeholders is crucial if you want to be noticed and get to the top of your career.


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5 step path to presentation excellence in English Janice Haywood

The 5-Step Path to Presentation Excellence

A structured coaching programme for people looking for an all-around improvement in their presentation skills.

This programme is based on Janice’s own methodology and covers the essential skills needed to present with impact, clarity and conciseness.

To reinforce your learning from this coaching programme, you can also take the mini-online course of the same name and which contains a comprehensive workbook to complete for each of the 5 steps.

The 5 steps are:

  1. Motivate: Looking at your mindset and self-confidence.
  2. Originate: How to create and structure a presentation for clarity and impact
  3. Illustrate: Creating slides that reinforce your message instead of detracting from it.
  4. Communicate: How to deliver your presentation with fluency and flow
  5. Accelerate: Techniques to take your presentation skills to the next level.


To ensure you have the foundations in place to create and deliver effective presentations.

Aimed at

Those people who are relatively new to presenting and/or are looking to refresh their skills and boost their self-confidence.

Are you struggling to present effectively in English?

Perhaps you think your English is not good enough to present which makes you feel anxious and nervous.

Or you don’t know how to organise all your information into a concise, engaging presentation.

It may be that you have problems to get and keep to the point.

I can help you solve all these issues and give you the self-confidence you may be lacking around presenting in English.

public speaking for non native english speakers Janice Haywood Downloads

Perfect your Presentation

Would you like to improve your presentation skills but with a completely ‘hands on’ approach?

Let me coach you on the techniques you need to implement to become a great presenter by reworking one of your existing presentations with you.

You’ll receive extensive feedback on your presentation structure and delivery that you can use to make immediate improvements.

  1. Clarifying your presentation’s audience, objective and key message
  2. Ensuring a strong opening & ending
  3. Working on a coherent structure
  4. Balancing rational and emotional appeal
  5. Cleaning up text-heavy slides
  6. Practicing authentic delivery


To rework an existing presentation or help you create and deliver an important one coming up

Aimed at

Those people who want help in real-time and with real, authentic material.

When you are presenting you are effectively performing.

But by performing, I don’t mean you should put on an act. I mean you should simply be the best version of yourself when you present.

And that best version means leaving nothing to chance.

Learn tried and tested techniques that will allow you to communicate at your best in English and get you and your ideas noticed.

The 9 Public Speaking Secrets from ‘Talk like TED’ Janice Haywood Coaching

High Impact Public Speaking

Are you an experienced speaker and looking for new ideas and techniques to take your skills to the next level?

The High Impact Public Speaking Coaching Programme will allow you to practice the more subtle skills that make you stand out as an influential, charismatic and confident speaker. 

  1. Who are you as a presenter?                    
  2. Dealing with large audiences
  3. Crafting your story and messages
  4. Using powerful language
  5. Preparing for high stake scenarios
  6. Handling tough questions



To fine tune your performance to ensure maximum audience engagement

Aimed at

Experienced presenters who are looking to become charismatic public speakers

Combining Years of Hard Work

Presentation skills training
Soft skills coaching
English language training

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The 5-Step Path to Presentation Excellence

Perfect your Presentation Coaching Programme