Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Coaching

In these days of communication overwhelm, especially at work, how good you are at presenting can make or break your career.

Are you struggling to present effectively in English?

If you answered “Yes”, you’ll know how easily a presentation can go wrong. And if you are presenting in English as a second language then the ‘obstacles’ are even greater.

Without a doubt, every person who speaks in public has completely different strengths and weakness.

Our coaching programmes are designed to help you exploit your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Coaching Programmes

Blended Learning With Janice Haywood

The 5-Step Path to Presentation Excellence Coaching Programme

An intensive 15 hour coaching programme focusing on all areas of presenting to  build your self-confidence.

  • Based on Janice’s own methodology and tools
  • Available in face to face, blended or 100% virtual format
Online Coaching With Janice Haywood

Perfect your Presentation Coaching Programme

Ideal if you’re looking to re-work and perfect an existing presentation. Perfect your story, your visuals and your delivery.

  • Your final presentation will be recorded to act as a permanent reference tool
  • Available in face to face, blended or 100% virtual format
Face To Face Coaching with janice Haywood

High Impact Speaking Coaching Programme

A highly focused programme for experienced presenters who wish to take their public speaking skills to the next level.

  • Based on the methodology ‘Accelerate’ using the tool ‘The High Impact Speaking Blueprint’
  • Available in face to face, blended or 100% virtual format

When you are presenting you are effectively performing.

By ‘performing’ we mean you are simply giving the best version of yourself.

Learn to be your best self when presenting and speaking in public with the help of our coaching programmes.

Here are just some of the areas where presentation skills coaching can help

Overcoming your lack of confidence about presenting in English
Beginning your presentation very powerfully to grab attention
Giving you techniques to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole presentation
Helping you to create clean, strong and impactful slides
Showing you how to keep to the point in your presentations
Being able to deal with all types of questions
Learning a simple range of vocabulary and phrases to help you transition smoothly in English from point to point
Using body language and nonverbal communication effectively
Finishing strongly with a call to action
Helping you to apply storytelling techniques
“I have known Janice as an experienced coach and trainer for a long time and can say she is one of the best in developing professional skills. Janice has helped me with communication and presentations in English and I really recommend her focused and energetic approach as a way of improving management abilities.”


Pedro Hernández Peréz, Global Service Controller at Sartorius Group.

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