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The Great Corporate Presentational Myth Janice Haywood

The Great Corporate Presentational Myth

Many business presentations are incredibly boring due to the fact that there is a great dependance on PowerPoint slides. This article argues for a change in this approach and advocates presentations where the focus is more on the speaker and the originality of their message.

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The One Body Language Rule when Presenting Janice Haywood

The One Body Language Rule when Presenting

Basically, there is only ONE rule about body language, and that is – make sure it doesn’t detract from your  presentation message. At the end of the day, if your body language is good, nobody will even notice it, that is how it should be.
If your body language is ‘bad’ or ineffective – ie distracting, then that is all your audience will talk about.

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Is perfection in presenting possible? Janice Haywood

Is perfection in presenting possible?

Is it possible to achieve ‘perfection’ in public speaking? I would say that we need to change the word ‘perfection’ to ‘success’.
To achieve success it is vital that you connect with your audience. And to do this, you need to focus your energy OUT towards your audience and be intent on connecting with them. That is the secret of a great presentation – connection.

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