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Artículos y videos llenos de consejos para mejorar tus presentaciones. (En inglés)

Remember to smile

Many people go into ‘presentation mode’ when they stand up to speak. They become very serious and ‘professional’ and by doing so, forget to smile as they present. Unless you…


Presentation Truth #1

There are times when we have to give a presentation with very little time to prepare. In the video I give you some tips on how to structure a talk…


Do you know your audience’s WIFM?

Make sure you tune into your audience’s radio station ‘WIFM’. WIFM stands for ‘What’s In It For Me’ and is the question that every audience member wants an answer to…


The Great Corporate Presentational Myth

Many business presentations are incredibly boring due to the fact that there is a great dependance on PowerPoint slides. This article argues for a change in this approach and advocates…


Is perfection in presenting possible?

Is it possible to achieve ‘perfection’ in public speaking? I would say that we need to change the word ‘perfection’ to ‘success’. To achieve success it is vital that you…


Let me tell you a story…

Stories make facts in a presentation come alive; stories give facts an emotional context and when an audience is touched emotionally they will remember your message.


Pausing to Pause in Presentations

Behind effective presenting lies a world of tools and techniques, not to mention a range of complex human mindsets that may help or hinder the process.


How to Overcome your Fear of Presenting

If we have learnt and practised the necessary skills to present effectively, the only remaining factor which will affect our confidence to present is what we are THINKING.  It is…