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The 'professional' me

I am a coach and trainer helping non-native speakers of English to improve their communication, presentation and public speaking skills.

I am British but based in Madrid, Spain and work all over Europe.

What exactly do I do?

I work with managers and directors from multinational companies who give business presentations in English. I train and coach them to feel more confident about presenting in English by helping them to simplify their message, speak more clearly and communicate with more impact.

Being able to help someone turn a flat and confusing business presentation into something well-structured and memorable is extremely fulfilling for me. The future of that person’s corporate future can depend on how successfully they communicate their message. It’s great that I can play a part in that.

Helping people to discover their authentic selves when communicating is what I love to do.

But when you have to give a presentation in English and it's not your native language, many things get in the way of that authenticity.

Do you want to be able to present in English with confidence and authenticity?

I can help you.

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My story: the 'personal' me

I’ve always loved language, and I’ve always been intrigued by people. Moving to Spain in the 90s allowed me to combine both passions and was a huge turning point in my life. I don’t know whether it was the blue skies or the good wine, but Spain gave me particular energy that led me to create and build three companies, each focusing more and more on communication skills training and coaching. First, I ran a language academy, then a bi-lingual business school and finally  a management skills training consultancy.

But back to my personal story. I live in Madrid, in the north to be precise, far enough out of the centre to hear the birds sing but close enough to be able to comfortably get a taxi back home after a night out. (Did you know that Madrid is the city that ‘never sleeps’?)

Apart from the wine mentioned above (!!), my other passion is simply reading – REAL books,  not Kindles :). My reading history has progressed from novels, personal development through all types of soft skills to  currently rest at the big picture stuff such as society and the economy. My worst nightmare would be if something happened to my eyes and I couldn’t read anymore.

Without a doubt, Madrid is where I will be staying, It is my home now in every way and it is where my two children are, (they’re Spanish) and where my partner is (he’s Italian), but that’s a story for another day…

My mission is to help employees in multinational companies learn the skills and techniques they need to give outstanding presentations in English and receive the visibility and recognition they deserve.

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