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Learn to speak in public in English with impact, clarity and confidence.

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Hello, I'm Janice

And I’m passionate about helping non-native speakers of English to present with more self-confidence, clarity and impact.

How many times have you given a presentation and you just know you could have done it SO much better? 

I’m here to help you do it better next time. You don’t have to have a perfect level of English to give a convincing presentation. But you DO need to have the right skills and a solid self-belief that you CAN do it well.

Let’s get started!

Lose your fear of speaking in public

Training courses

Lose your fear of speaking in public in English with my presentation skills training courses for groups.

Ranging from basic to advanced skills with many short specialist workshops focusing on specific aspects of presenting such as opening strongly, creating a coherent structure and speaking with confidence and poise.

Bespoke training solutions also available.

Improve your presentation skills

Coaching programmes

When you present, do you struggle to get and keep to the point? Are you looking to learn techniques that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish?

If you’re looking to improve your presentation skills quickly, or you need help in preparing an important presentation, an individual, tailored coaching programme is ideal for you.

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Check out my blog posts and videos for lots of tips and guidelines on how to improve your presentation and communication skills.

My Coaching Model:
The 5 Step Path to Presentation Excellence

I have created the 5 Step Path to Presentation Excellence to take you through the process of creating and delivering an effective presentation step by step.

Each step contains a practical tool which can be adapted to suit your level of of experience in presenting & public speaking in English.

It’s said that a great presentation can change the world!

That might be ambitious, but a great presentation can certainly get your ideas adopted, get you visibility and get you promoted.

I find it very rewarding to help people turn a boring and confusing presentation into one that is clear, coherent and above all, inspiring.

I’d love to be able to help you do that!

feel confident and engage with your audience Janice Haywood