Presentation Skills

Presentation skills training and coaching programmes

Improve your communication and presentation skills in business English with specialist training and coaching

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Presentation Skills

Training courses

Lose your fear of speaking in public in English with my presentation skills training courses for groups. Ranging from basic to advanced skills with many short specialist workshops focusing on specific aspects of presenting such as opening strongly, creating a coherent structure and speaking with confidence and poise. Bespoke training solutions also available.

Presentation Skills

Coaching programmes

When you present, do you have problems getting and keeping to the point? Are you looking to learn techniques that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish? If you wish to improve your presentation skills quickly, or you need help in preparing an important presentation, an individual, tailored coaching programme is ideal for you.


 The Presentation Tool Box – Free!


Do you have to give presentations but feel anxious and overwhelmed because you’re not sure you’re doing it ‘right’?

My Presentation Tool Box, kicking off with 10 Steps to a Perfect Presentation will give you the self-confidence you’re looking for, the clarity you need to ensure your presentations engage your audience and get you the visibility you deserve.

Presentation Skills

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Presentation Skills


If you’re looking to improve your presentation and public speaking skills , check out my blog posts and videos for lots of tips and guidelines


A collection of learning tools and tips to help managers and directors communicate and present effectively in English. Useful aids to improve your presentation skills quickly and easily.
Presentation Skills

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